Rayquaza Exclusive Chinese Box

Rayquaza Exclusive Chinese Box

The box includes:

  • 5 Chinese Anniversary packs
  • Exclusive Rayquaza Deckbox
  • Exclusive Rayquaza sleeves
  • Exclusive Pokémon card display stand (rayquaza only limited color)
  • Chinese exclusive 25th Mega Rayquaza EX "Roaring Skies reprint"
  • Chinese exclusive 25th Donphan "HeartGold & SoulSilver reprint"
  • Chinese exclusive 25th Xerneas EX "XY reprint"
  • Exclusive Rayquaza collection box



Estimate release date: 17th of December

Quantity limited to 1 (one) box per customer.

Preorders aren subject to allocation.
We reserve the right to limit quantities or cancel orders at our discretion.

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